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    It seems like everywhere you turn there is road construction going on in Pahrump. Of note are the roundabouts. Will they help?


    John Hanson

    What a CF that job turned into.

    Government is inherently incompetent, and no matter what task it is assigned, it will do it in the most expensive and inefficient way possible so as to impact the most inconvenience to the general public who pay their salaries.



    Words cannot describe my contempt for the bureaucracy of the State Government and highway department. I suspect the reason why the traffic light lost over the roundabout is that not enough money could be “stolen” from the contract for a simple traffic light. And look at the eventual overtime budget for the completion of this fiasco called a roundabout.



    So…people don’t understand traffic lights…number of crashes at 169 and 372…how do you expect them to understand roundabouts?
    I wonder how long it will be, and how many people will get hurt before the roundabouts disappear and traffic lights replace them.
    Who decides this, and how do I get on that committee?



    After an added 30 day delay of incompetency in construction of the roundabouts on
    our detoured county roads…Now accountability of the decisions of NDOT and the State
    to see the conditions of our county roads are disgraceful. Semi-trucks hauling double
    trailers of heavy material and equipment. Wilson Rd is the hardest hit! Large cracks,
    pot holes on top of old potholes and uneven portions that cause a back ache condition.
    Where are our Nye county commissioners? What is happening to all the gasoline tax money
    going? Now an increase in diesel fuel presented in Carson City.


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