Is Tom Husted of Valley Electric building an Empire?

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    Tom Husted was hired as the General Manager of VEA in 2005. In 2006, Husted asked the Board of Directors to make him CEO of Valley Electric Association and they promptly voted to do that. Since he became CEO, electric rates for members have increased to12.196 cents/Kwh from 5.7 cents/Kwh, almost a doubling since Husted took over in 2005. Was the original mission of VEA to buy power as cheaply as possible and sell it to the members at a cost that covers overhead? Being a tax exempt organization, huge sums of member’s money are funneled into building his fiefdom with the help of the Board of Directors. Members end up with more debt, higher rates and hardly any retirement of capital credits for long term uses of electricity.

    Massive and very costly advertising campaigns, an office in Las Vegas where VEA has no members, political contributions, a created position on the Management Staff whose Title is Chief Evangelist who just happens to be the spouse of none other than Assemblyman James Oscarson, construction of two new buildings, one containing over 33,000 sf and the other called the Valley Electric Conference room consisting of another 6600 sf. VEA is expanding into Creech AFB, into broadband & microwave internet, Drones, renewable energy sources, etc. It appears building an empire is job number 1 for Husted and his Board of Directors.


    Sun Tzu

    I sure would like to know what he is making for a salary.

    And what is a chief evangelist used for in VEA? Maybe a prayer session when their debt is due?



    Let us prey. Bless this evangelist that she will evangelize for benefit of the customers.



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    Deep Throat

    I was told by two insiders that Husted along with Eckert are making $600,000 a year with benefits. Salaries have exploded every year since Tom Husted came on board VEA. One insider mentioned the amount of members money being spent on nonsensical things was obscene. He stated that the members better get a handle on the co-op expenses and expenditures or VEA will soon be bankrupt.



    Tom Husted is a thief. He has spent millions of dollars of the members money on his huge EGO throwing money around in hopes it sticks so everyone will think he is so great. He has the VEA Ambassadors conned so much they act like Stepford wifes. Most of them have no idea what Husted makes for salary and they insist on defending the company and he.

    He has put the members in so much debt that the only way to stay out of bankruptcy was to sell the transmission line. He is an SOB and doesn’t give a damn about the members of the co-op.

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