Censorship of the membership and Media by Tom Husted and the Directors of VEA

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    Jane Veritas

    VEA has a record of censoring Company information to both the media and the membership. While this may have been going for as long as Husted has been in power at VEA, it first caught my attention when a Pahrump Valley Times article dated September 4, 2013 written by Selwyn Harris exposed the Censorship going on deep within VEA.

    New VEA Policy———-CENSORSHIP

    Selwyn Harris writes,
    This newspaper in particular has been on the receiving end of management’s ire over the subject — mostly because covering the co-op in any meaningful way requires asking hard questions and getting straight answers that managers seem strangely reluctant to give.
    And now the cooperative’s board is being asked to mull a policy change that may in fact reduce the ability of news media from covering the cooperative even further.
    The item came up for discussion during VEA’s regular board of directors meeting on Friday. VEA CEO Tom Husted, in describing the suggested policy, appeared to be telling board members that they could use it to censor the press, and even stymie co-op members who wish to attend meetings and then discuss what was said to the media.

    Now just whose company is VEA? Is it the Directors and the CEO or the members? I went to VEA 8 days ago to request some information on the sale of the transmission line and I was required to fill-in a 7 page Disclosure of Information and then get it notarized. I refused and walked out but not before I took pictures of the Disclosure with my phone.

    As members we should have a right to ask any questions of the management pertaining to VEA. It appears a roadblock is set up to discourage this exchange of information. There is a long list of provisions that can be used to reject any request by members or the press.

    Along the time line since Husted first arrived on the scene in 2005, VEA members are being less informed on what is going on inside VEA. One example is the massive wasted advertising expenses to a customer base that is required to purchase electrical energy from VEA.
    Wouldn’t it been so much cheaper to include whatever advertising they were pushing on the members to have it included in their monthly bills?

    Shouldn’t every member have been informed of what the final contract for the sale of the power line was BEFORE voting on this important issue?

    Over a period of several weeks I will post relevant information about VEA and the deceptive practices they demonstrate.

    Don’t think for one minute that VEA is your company. The way it is presently run it is THEIR Company.

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