Over the years most people moved to Pahrump to get away from the fast pace of city life. One could own a large plot of land and raise animals for both food and quiet enjoyment. The nights where so dark you could almost reach up and touch the stars. Water was abundant and people could grow their own food. People could run air conditioners without fear of having to take out a second mortgage to pay their electricity bill — an important consideration during hot summer months. Very seldom did one hear any emergency vehicles screaming to an accident or fire. Government was limited and law abiding people were left alone.

Is this why you moved here?

Then around the year 2001, a building boom took hold all across America from the largest cities to the smallest towns. Pahrump changed during that 6 year boom. New homes went up all over the valley and changed what the earlier settlers had. Pahrump grew from around 8000 residents in 1995 to over 38,000 residents by 2007. A phenomenal increase took hold in population, government, crime, and all of the additional associated problems that come with fast population growth, i.e.; infrastructure, schools, roads.

Today we are using over 5x the amount of water as we have in the past. The Commissioners and Planning department have approved land developers and home builders to put as many as 19,000 new homes in addition to the 11,000 homes already built. Electricity rates have more than doubled.


The residents are not only fighting against the home builders, the land developers, the realtors, the county Commissioners but all of the owners of PAPER WATER RIGHTS. The battle has been ongoing and will go into overdrive when the Nevada State Legislature meets in 2017. If the residents want to retain their present quality of life they need to start paying attention because once the State controls all water and our finances, it will be too late for you and for Pahrump.

Join us to discuss & debate the issues that are (or should be) important to all Pahrump and Nye County residents. Welcome to PahrumpTalks.com!

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