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PahrumpTalks is a free speech community discussion forum set up to combat the increasing onslaught to America’s  First Amendment guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  The politically correct mantra infecting almost every aspect of our lives will not be promoted here.  In one of the local newspapers, the editor was shutting down the comments section or eliminating it altogether thereby censoring lively debates on important issues facing Pahrump and Nye County when it didn’t fit his liking.  It’s his newspaper and he can do whatever he wants. This message board fills a gap left by that decision.

Feel free to look around! If you would like to add to a discussion, feel free to join in! (Note: to protect this website from devolving into a free-for-all, we ask that all contributors first create a free user account.)

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The Deployment of Counter-Measures is used by the CEO and Board of Directors at VEA to counter incoming public inquiry and protect them from anger expressed by the members.